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China Feed Machinery Development Status and Trends

Author: Clarissa

Dec. 10, 2020


The rapid development of China's feed industry has greatly promoted the growth and progress of feed machinery. In recent years, the development of China's feed machinery industry can be described as rapid change and technical breakthroughs. The requirements of feed processing enterprises for the mechanization and automation of feed processing machinery and equipment are also increasing. This paper mainly discusses the development status and trends of the Chinese feed machinery industry in order to find the future direction of the industry.

First, the status of the feed machinery industry

At present, the feed processing enterprises are moving towards collectivization and large-scale development, and large-scale feed processing equipment will be developed, mechanized, and automation will be further improved. Feed machinery manufacturing enterprises are also developing in the direction of grouping and scale.

According to China's national conditions, the breeding industry will present a combination of large-scale and scattered feeding situation, the scale of feed processing will be large, small and medium coexist, so large, medium and small feed processing machinery will have a certain market. For the existing feed machinery, it is necessary to further improve product quality, increase varieties and scale to meet the needs of different users. At the same time, the introduction of the necessary foreign advanced technology and equipment, digestion and absorption, to develop new products. Strengthen the exchange with related industries, and transplant the related equipment from other industries to improve the application, so as to meet the continuous development of the feed industry. For the new feed processing technology and equipment, feed resource development and pet feed, aquatic animal feed and economic animal feed processing equipment, we should invest in research and development, and make technical reserves to meet the future needs.


Second, the shortage of feed machinery development

Some aspects of China's feed technology and equipment have reached the advanced level of foreign countries. However, there are some deficiencies in the development process of Chinese feed machinery.

1.There is a shortage of some urgently needed feed machinery to meet the market demand. For example, there is a lack of simple and flexible processing equipment suitable for farmers to use, such as stable performance, simple operation, low power consumption, single or matching; high efficiency, fully automated processing equipment required by large-scale feed processing plants; large, medium and small feed maturing equipment suitable for large-scale farms for their own use or for professional feed mills. To solve the problem of easy loss of heat-sensitive trace elements and microorganisms in the thermal processing of feeds, the technical problem of inaccurate addition of liquid and regenerative elements before tempering and maturing and extrusion, the enzyme preparation and microbial fermentation feed production equipment, the stable and affordable aqua feed puffing and granulation facilities.

2.The overall technical level of feed machinery is low. The first one is poor reliability and short life. Secondly, there are many small and medium-sized Chinese feed machinery manufacturers, with low level of serialization, generalization and standardization, fewer professional factories, and messy machinery models, while developed countries have better after-sales service, parts standardization and high level of generalization. The third is the poor quality of mechanical appearance and surface protection, many products arrive at their destination with peeling paint and rust. This is a major problem of domestic equipment. The fourth is the low application of high technology, mechanical operation and quality of work automatic monitoring capability feedback control degree is low, ease of use and comfort is poor.

3.Innovation ability is weak, new product development, slow development speed. Throughout the domestic feed machinery, due to the small profit and capital of each enterprise and research unit, new technology, new equipment research, development, innovation, slow speed, can not adapt to market development.

4.Insufficient testing and inspection, disorganized production units, many manufacturers who do not have the production conditions to use substitute materials, lower prices and quality. Feed product failure is widespread, especially the low conversion rate of feed produced by small feed manufacturers, serious waste, and misuse of additives, resulting in unsafe factors.

5.There are hidden dangers in feed safety work. Feed safety is not only related to the immediate interests of the breeders, but also to the health of the people.


Third, the development trend of feed processing machinery

1.Machinery equipment tends to develop in the direction of large scale. At present, due to the feed processing enterprises to the group, large-scale direction of development, large-scale feed processing equipment will be developed, mechanization, self-movement will be further increased. Feed machinery manufacturing enterprises are also developing in the direction of collectivization and scale. In addition to the construction of new production workshops, the renovation of old feed production lines to increase the output per shift is also one of the feasible solutions.

2.Heat treatment processing technology is the development trend of feed processing. From the current development of the feed industry, puffing/expansion as a representative of the maturation process technology is gradually becoming a new development trend. Puffing/expanding can improve the health and safety of products, passivate anti-nutritional factors in feeds, enhance the palatability of feeds, improve the liquidation capacity of feeds, and improve the utilization rate of feeds. Foreign, maturation technology has begun to spread in the feed processing industry, for pet feed, aqua feed, early weaning piglet feed, ruminant protein supplement production and feed resource development has brought a revolutionary change. The application of puffing/expanding technology in China's feed industry is still in its infancy, but with the in-depth study of related processes and equipment, it is becoming more and more important to people, and has become the most promising feed processing technology.

3.Liquid spraying technology is an important measure to improve feed quality. Due to the increasing use of thermal processing equipment, such as puffers, expanders, pelletizers or other types of equipment to emphasize the quality and high temperature short-time processing equipment, the feed is subjected to the strong effect of temperature, pressure and moisture during pelletizing, extruding and puffing, which destroys most of the effectiveness of heat-sensitive nutrients such as vitamins, enzymes and other additives. Post-coating is a new technology to solve this problem, where heat-sensitive nutrients (such as vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, microorganisms, and drugs) are added at the back of the thermal process. It ensures the feed formulation without distortion, reduces the heat loss inaccuracy of heat-sensitive micronutrients before mixing and over-addition, and reduces the uncertainty of the amount of added ingredients before mixing and over-addition, so that the feed production meets the higher requirements of safety and health. The liquid post-spraying technology is a new technology to solve the loss of trace elements, enzymes and other heat-sensitive micro-ecological agents and nutritional elements, which has only been realized in recent years.

4.Improve the level of stand-alone automation and automatic control of complete sets of equipment. After the three stages of sprouting, starting and rapid development of Chinese feed industry, the degree of automation of feed processing machinery has been improved, and the products of some larger feed machinery manufacturers have reached a higher level of automatic control. The future direction of development should be highly automated or fully automated, intelligent development.


After the three stages of sprouting, starting and rapid development, the degree of automation of the feed processing machinery has been improved, and the products of some larger feed machinery manufacturers have also reached a higher level of automatic control. However, there is still a long way to go on the road of highly automated or fully automated and intelligent development in the future.





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