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CNC Machinist Should Know These

To become a good cnc machinist, to understand a lot, experience should also be rich, I summarized some basic knowledge about CNC process hope can help you.

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what does cnc stand for

Create CNC process function and CNC machining process.

1.CNC process consider the process of machining parts, clamping and positioning of machined parts, tool selection, process routes that can be simplified in the conventional process, cutting methods and process parameters, etc.

2. cnc machining process design is mainly used to guide the cnc programming, our company will cnc technician and programmer's responsibility and both combined, the programmer is responsible for the whole mold cnc machining process, improve the efficiency.

3. CNC machining is highly automated, many influencing factors, quality and safety in CNC machining itself is very important and must be ensured.

4. cnc machining process should be prepared with strict band steel rationality. cnc process is complex and has many influencing factors, it needs to think deeply about the whole process of cnc machining and have good band steel rationality in order to program the cnc process well. Due to the high degree of automation and poor adaptability of CNC processing, problems arise, the staff is difficult to correct on the spot, the lighter manufacturing processing defects, safety accidents occur on the way, so the CNC process must be designed systematically in advance.

5. CNC CNC process of good inheritance. CNC CNC process proven to be good in production, you can make a template, save as a file, later when processing similar parts to call, save time and ensure quality.

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CNC Sequence Sequencing

For CNC machining process planning, it will be considered as a state space of a series of programs from the initial state of the part (male and female die kernel blanks) to the final state (part).CNC sequence sequencing must conform to the following general rules.

  1. primary parameters first then secondary parameters.

  2. First face then hole, first milling then drilling.

  3. Coarse first then fine.

  4. Inner cavity machining first, then shape machining.

  5. Tool diameter varies from large to small according to the order of the process.

  6. The processing of the previous process will not affect the clamping and positioning of the next process.

  7. To put the same tooling and fixtures together to reduce duplicate clips and positions.

  8. Must focus CNC process.

  9. Do not start with program instructions that weaken the stiffness of the part.

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CNC machining process plan

A good CNC machining process plan needs to consider whether it can meet the technical requirements of the part, whether it can improve the efficiency of CNC machining, low machining cost and good quality control. Therefore, the overall CNC machining process plan is usually as follows.

  1. CNC machine selection.

  2. Select the processing method.

  3. Determine how to clamp the part, and then select the clamping.

  4. positioning method.

  5. inspection requirements and inspection methods.

  6. Selection of tools.

  7. Error control and tolerance control in machining.

  8. Define the CNC process.

  9. CNC sequence.

  10. Selection of cutting parameters.

  11. Prepare CNC machining program table.





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