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11 Factors Affecting the Price of Ultrasonic Testing Equipment

The ultrasonic nondestructive testing equipment market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.29% during the forecast period (2021-2026). Developing countries continue to consume large amounts of natural gas, while demand from developed countries is increasing. The increase in demand has led to the expansion of pipelines and refineries, hence the surge in the ultrasonic NDT market.

The price of ultrasonic inspection (UT) equipment varies depending on a number of factors, including unique inspection equipment configurations and accessory needs, and neither the cheapest nor the most expensive equipment is necessarily the right equipment.

While a certain level of ultrasonic inspection capability is required, the variation in inspection needs and the features and capabilities of ultrasonic inspection equipment means that companies must carefully consider the inspection equipment and software they purchase. Purchasers must weigh equipment performance, durability, efficiency, and portability against the complexity of inspections and unique inspection need to make the right choice to maximize value. It is critical, and a sound investment, to select equipment that can confidently detect all defects in an inspection.

Electromagnetic Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Electromagnetic Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

11 Factors affecting the price of ultrasonic testing equipment

Several factors affect the overall price of ultrasonic testing equipment, including.

1. Data storage and compression capabilities. Increased data storage and compression capabilities improve efficiency in the analysis and reporting phases.

2. Data processing speed. Devices that process data faster allow operators to perform challenging inspections at a faster rate.

3. Detection frequency capability. Some probes require a frequency range beyond the capabilities of basic ultrasonic inspection equipment.

4. Software capabilities. More powerful software features, such as the ability to handle more elemental probes simultaneously, automatically generate reports, or control probes remotely, increase the efficiency of the ultrasonic tester. An industry-proven software platform used in a range of UT instruments reduces training costs and increases inspection efficiency.

5. Flexible scanning configurations. The ability to scan in multiple configurations of the device, including sector, linear and composite, allows operators to do more with fewer devices.

HS 1020 Ultrasonic Bolt Stress Detector

HS 1020 Ultrasonic Bolt Stress Detector

6. Size and responsiveness. For portable, fully integrated instruments, larger, brighter touchscreens allow operators to view and control their equipment more easily, especially in difficult environments. The highly responsive display allows the operator to use it with gloves on, which provides an added advantage.

7. Number of channels. The ultrasonic tester with a higher number of channels can work more efficiently if the application requires a higher level of functionality.

8. Pulse generator voltage. Stronger pulse generator voltages allow the ultrasonic tester to more fully measure deeper materials.

9. Battery operability. UT equipment that can run on battery power is more portable than equipment that relies on AC power, allowing operators to perform field inspections. Dual battery configurations allow operators to change batteries while performing inspections, increasing equipment uptime.

10. Housing Durability. Better weather and temperature resistance reduces the likelihood of device failure due to environmental conditions, increases device versatility, and provides ROI through device longevity and continued availability.

11. Accessory requirements. Accessories such as fan kits and probe separators allow companies to customize their UT equipment to meet the specific inspection needs of their growing business today and in the future.

These and other factors can affect the price of ultrasonic inspection equipment. Getting a good price on UT equipment has less to do with lowering the total cost of purchase than it does with ensuring that the price you pay provides you with the equipment that most effectively meets your needs.

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