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Author: Ingrid

Oct. 19, 2023



As soon as potatoes and onions are harvested, they start ageing. If they are not stored in a suitable atmosphere, they will get damaged within a few days. The best way to preserve them is to store them in a properly ventilated room with the right temperature.


The best temperature to save your onion and potatoes differs. According to our experts, the best temperature to store your potatoes is between 40 to 45°F. In case your species of potatoes and onions differ from the regular once available in the market, you can contact our consultants who will advise you better.


Potato and onion cold storage solutions refer to the methods and technologies used to store potatoes and onions in a controlled environment at low temperatures to extend their shelf life and preserve their quality.



Cold storage solutions typically involve storing potatoes and onions in large refrigerated rooms or warehouses that are designed to maintain a specific temperature, humidity level, and ventilation. These conditions are carefully controlled to prevent spoilage, mold growth, and other forms of damage that can occur when potatoes and onions are stored in warm and humid environments.


There are different types of cold storage solutions available for potatoes and onions, including traditional cold storage rooms, controlled atmosphere storage, and dynamic controlled atmosphere storage. These methods use different techniques to maintain optimal storage conditions, depending on the specific needs of the crop and the duration of storage required.


Potato and onion cold storage solutions are essential for the agriculture industry to ensure the availability of high-quality produce year-round and reduce food waste.


Check out these guidelines to store your potatoes and onions



Always wash your products before you store in your cold room or refrigerator


Find out the right temperature that suits your product before storing in the cold room


Keep you cold room clean


Dont store your potatoes and onions with other vegetables because the temperature requirements may differ


Apply the rotation principle of first in and first out


Blast freezing may not be the best for these products


You can store in a plastic container that is not airtight


Dont leave your cold room doors open for a long time


However, as professionals in building storage facilities of all kinds, we have developed and designed the best method of preserving potatoes and onions for over a long period. Our system ensures that these food items retain their nutrient values and also remain as fresh as possible.


We have designed and built several potato and onion storage warehouse facilities across the country. You can reach out to us for the perfect storage system for storing your potato and onions. Send your requirements and our team of experts will modify and proffer the best construction advice.


We ensure that your potato and onion cold storage facility;


Has the required insulation and cooling systems


Install ventilation system to suit your products


Air circulation system works properly


Install high efficient axial fans.


Install automatic air flaps for proper air input and output.


Build customized humidifying systems for potato.


Has a functional Co2, temperature and humidity control systems.


Properly fitted doors


Makes use of the right compressor and panels to ensure that energy consumption is saved


Stores your products for as long as one year without losing its nutritious values





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