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What are the advantages of aerial work platforms?

Author: Hou

Oct. 16, 2023


Aerial work platforms have a wide range of applications and are mainly products that serve high-altitude operations, equipment installation, maintenance and other mobile aerial operations in various industries. The aerial work platform seems very simple, but it has many additional auxiliary functions, mainly including platform crane, cargo loading, boom lifting, manning, etc., and complete safety devices. Aerial work platforms have three major characteristics: high, dangerous and difficult. Especially aerial work vehicles with high operating heights attach great importance to safety and are equipped with various safety devices. These devices include: working platform overload protection; outrigger pressure control system to ensure that the support force of each outrigger reaches a safe value before the vehicle can be operated. The outrigger condition is interlocked with the vehicle action; the limit position of the working arm is limited Bit.

High safety, high operating efficiency and high environmental adaptability requirements. As a kind of engineering machinery, the aerial boom lift has the following particularities:

1. The safety requirements for manned high-altitude operations are higher than those of general engineering vehicles, which is called high safety;

2. The non-structural nature of the construction site environment means that the working environment is unpredictable and changeable, so it requires high adaptability to the environment;

3. It is often used for emergency repair operations, and most of them are outdoor or field operations. The operating environment conditions are poor, so it is required to have high operating efficiency.

4. New fully hydraulic self-propelled special chassis: The self-propelled aerial work platform vehicle developed with completely independent intellectual property rights has adopted technologies such as electromechanical and hydraulic integration, reliability design and computer-aided design, and has successfully developed a fully self-propelled aerial work platform vehicle. The hydraulically driven, self-propelled special chassis breaks through the previous limitation that domestic aerial work platforms can only use modified car or crane chassis designs.

5. Traveling with load and good operating stability: The chassis structure of the self-propelled aerial work platform breaks through traditional design theories and methods, and reduces the center of gravity shift by optimizing the overall layout and load distribution of the loading platform. It adopts a unique large-angle backward hinge structure and rationally sets up a variety of counterweight modules to effectively balance the working moment. The H-shaped variable cross-section composite box girder rigid frame and high-load solid rubber tires are used to increase the overall rigidity of the chassis, ensure the stability of the entire machine during travel and operation, and realize the function of the aerial work lifting platform vehicle being loaded.

6. Multi-functional and multi-purpose working device: Through the front end bracket of the boom, a lifting device or manned platform can be quickly installed to realize functions such as material lifting, hoisting and manned high-altitude operations, and at the same time, it can expand the working device. And provides interfaces for quick switching of various working devices.

7. Unique three-dimensional rotating lifting device: The designed three-dimensional rotating lifting device can not only automatically maintain the posture of the lifted material, but also realize the adjustment requirements of the lifted material at any height, any position and any direction in the space. The speed control is precise and sensitive, and the micro-movement performance is good, which meets the requirements of high-altitude operations and ventilation duct installation in large caverns.

Characteristics of urban construction vehicles At present, users in our country are basically concentrated in cities or towns. Their working environment conditions are better than those of general transportation vehicles and construction machinery. They are mainly used for the back-end of basic construction and daily maintenance and repairs. The expectations for their service life are also Therefore, it is required to have different characteristics from general engineering vehicles: multi-function, beautiful appearance, and the painting color must have the stability of an engineering vehicle and the vitality of a car, and it must be maintained for a long time.





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