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What does SMT mean in management?

Author: Evelyn w

Dec. 06, 2023


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I find that many databases are named with a prefix 'smt_' in industry, for example, 'smt_customer_profile', what dose 'smt' mean? Is there any special meaning in this prefix?

I have asked my supervisor about this question, getting the answer that the reason behind this naming is very geek style, which really invokes my curiosity! So I tried to google it, some interpretations are like:

  • satisfiability modulo theories (SMT)

  • Simultaneous multithreading

  • Small Mini-Tower

all seemingly not the right answer...

So does anybody know about this, many thanks!!!

What does SMT mean in management?

what does 'smt' mean, why is 'smt' often used as a prefix of ...





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