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3 benefits of the long-reach excavator

There are two types of excavators on the market that can reach very high heights: the high boom excavator and the long boom excavator. The main difference between these two types of excavators is that a long boom excavator can extend horizontally, whereas a high boom excavator extends vertically. In addition, the long boom excavator is the ideal machine for scrap metal removal work as it can easily reach and shovel up debris. On the other hand, a high boom excavator keeps workers away from falling objects and debris. Long boom excavators offer many benefits and advantages on the job site, some of which are as follows.

Improved accuracy and safety

The operator of a long boom excavator has greater control of movement than with a high boom excavator. When equipped with a wrecking ball, the operator can easily and accurately demolish buildings floor by floor. By providing the operator with greater precision, they create a safe working environment for the workers, the surrounding buildings and nearby objects.

Long Reach Arm and Boom

Fuel saving machines

Long boom excavators are considered to be a fuel efficient machine with no exhaust gas recirculation on the engine. Because of this, long boom excavators consume 20% less fuel compared to high boom excavators.

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Although it comes with a metal bucket, the long-arm excavator can be equipped with other attachments to perform different tasks. The machine is also used for kneading, hammering, pressing, scooping, picking, cutting materials and many other applications. This option eliminates the need to purchase multiple machines to perform different tasks. The length of the arms can also be changed to perform different demolition jobs.

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