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Why Do You Need a Tungsten Grinder?

Will A Tungsten Grinder Make You A Better TIG welder?

It’s no secret a good TIG weld starts with good prep of both the parts you’re welding and your welder. A clean, properly ground tungsten can be the difference between a poor weld and a good weld or a ok weld and a fantastic Instagram photo-worthy weld. A lot of welders are using stone grinders to sharpen their tungsten and it can lead to poor grinds and contamination right off of the wheel. We decided to put together our top reasons why you need a Tungsten Grinder.

  1. Increase Arc Control- The Eastwood Tungsten Grinder uses a diamond coated wheel that gives an ultra clean (and fine) grind that will give you an ultra stable arc that will help you produce cleaner welds.

  2. Eliminate Porosity and Contamination- A contaminated tungsten will tend to produce porous welds that are weak. Avoid using a stone grinder or a shared sander to sharpen tungsten as it will embed the tip with impurities that lead to weld contamination. By using a dedicated Tungsten grinder you will remove one more variable from the weld contamination battle.

  3. Eliminates Excuses- With how mobile a Tungsten Grinder is you no longer have an excuse why you can continue welding with a contaminated tungsten because the grinder is on the bench across the workshop. Now you can bring the grinder to you inside the car or on the project. Makes for quick grinds getting you back to welding more quickly.

With the cost of Tungsten Grinders being more affordable you have no reason why you wouldn’t want to have a Tungsten Grinder for your next TIG welding project.

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